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Siltech's manufacturing is world class.

Our 15,000 m2 of manufacturing floor space is divided among our two modern plants bracketing the city of Toronto. The Mississauga plant was purchased in 2010 to accommodate growth and has since been further modernized to the standards of our Toronto plant. New control systems have been installed in the Toronto plant to bring them to the standards of the Mississauga plant.  We combined the best of both locations.

With reactors ranging in size from 20 kg to 30,000 kg, we have the flexibility to support our growth strategy of introducing new innovative products and the capacity to address your needs.

Our highly skilled and experienced manufacturing teams take great pride in the quality and purity of our products. We will make sure they are the best in the industry. 

Both of our manufacturing facilities were designed by the same chemical engineer, our founder; so the products made in our larger kettles are processed the same as those made in our pilot reactors resulting in excellent scale up reproducibility.

The co-location of R&D personnel at each plant provides immediate support for manufacturing.

The 40 km distance separating the two facilities is close enough to allow for synergy, but far enough to allow for a secure customer supply in the event of any unforeseen event at either plant. 

The photos of reaction vessels shown on this website are not stock photos, they are our actual kettles.


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